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When starting a new business there are many different plates that have to be spun continuously in order for the venture to be successful and continue to grow. There is so much to do and to think about that as the primary owner and manager of daily operations the stress can start to take its toll if you are not careful. With so many different areas of a business demanding your attention and tight budgets to adhere to, one way in which you can seriously help to push forward is by hiring a virtual assistant from the very start of your new business venture.

Before we look at the reasons why this is a good idea for any new business, it is important to understand that you should put together a checklist of areas that you require assistance with. You want to be able to put together a list of things that take up a lot of your time that could be spent elsewhere on more productive means for the long-term growth of the company, based around your own skills sets. Repetitive tasks that can be offloaded to a professional assistant and put your mind at ease whilst you tackle something within your own area of expertise.

The benefits of a virtual assistant to a new business are plentiful.

Grow Your Online Brand – In the modern age it is vital to look at as many creative ways to grow your brand as possible. Social media provides numerous platforms that can be utilised without eating in to your marketing budget. Some virtual assistants can be directed to help you build your social media brand, following clear guidelines and instructions, making new connections, exploring new business options and being at hand to respond to any client queries in a timely and efficient manner.

Schedule Effectively – A virtual assistant can help you manage your workflow in a much more efficient manner than you are probably used to. Planning your work and social life at the early stages of a new business takes up time and energy that could be better utilised elsewhere. A good virtual assistant can help the business grow through careful management of diaries, schedules and meetings with clients, potential clients and suppliers.

Boring Administrative Tasks are No More – You might find it soul-destroying when faced with a mountain of administrative tasks that just have to be completed, but a virtual assistant is trained to complete them in an efficient way. Multitasking is something a professional assistant is good at, whereas certain tasks might take you forever! Choose to work with someone you can get along with, train in your specific company ways and grow with as part of the long-term future of the company.

Lower Overheads at Critical Period – Hiring a virtual assistant not only takes away the administrative strain that can take up so much time from the primary mover and shaker within a new company, but it is also a fiscally responsible choice compared with hiring a full time member of staff. In the latter scenario a new business will have the strain of a fixed wage, as well as the equipment, office supplies and bills associated with a physical member of staff based on site.

For more information on how a virtual assistant can help you unlock your new business potential, contact the Keepoint team.

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