Virtual Offices & Business Address

Some of the best business ideas were created and developed in people’s homes and many start by running them from a home office or a kitchen table. Running your business from home can drastically reduce your overheads but can also have implications on your profit margins.

Once you register your business using your home address and use it as a trading address, you open yourself to clients and competitors turning up unannounced at your front door. It can also impact on potential business since potential clients can now view where you are trading from at the click of a mouse. They might see a semi-detached instead of an office block. This can cast doubt in their minds regarding your ability to look after their affairs and might take the shine of the glossy material you’ve produced to impress potential customers.

Our Virtual Offices in Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester can be used for companies to either use as a trading address and / or registered address.

Our prestigious business mailing addresses in Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester are in the commercial districts and will instantly give an established feel to any company. Since Keepoint wouldn’t appear in the address you would be using, your clients will be none the wiser. Once registered with us, you are free to use our business mailing address on all of your stationary, websites and whatever else you wanted.

Using a virtual address is an established practice which many companies take full advantage of all over the world.

How does it work?

We will follow your instructions as to how you wish us to deal with your mail.

We can simply collate all the envelopes together and post them on as a bundle either daily or weekly or we can open, sort and send your mail daily or weekly. On the latter we will be able to note any urgent mail coming through our office and alert you direct by telephone or scan and email it to you depending on your instructions. If there is a particularly urgent piece of mail you are waiting for, we can have it couriered to you.

Each time we will only charge you the cost price. We don’t charge any handling fees either.
Our pricing is easy and there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Should you require meeting with a supplier or client, we have facilities to host small meetings in exceptionally professional surroundings in Liverpool and both our London locations.

How would your business address look?

Virtual Offices Liverpool Address:

Your Company Name
Bulloch House
10, Rumford Place
Liverpool – L3 9DG

Virtual Offices Manchester Address:

Your Company Name
Hill Quay
14, Commercial Street
Manchester – M15 4PZ

Virtual Offices Leeds Address:

Your Company Name
17 Howley Park Business Village
Leeds – LS27 0BZ

Virtual Offices London Address:

We have 2 addresses available in London – one is situated in Wimbledon & the second in Marylebone – Please contact us for further details.

A few important points

The use of our virtual office addresses in Leeds, Liverpool, London, and Manchester are subject to you providing us with satisfactory evidence of business identity in accordance with MLR.
Full Identity checks will be carried out in accordance with current legislation using Contego Fraud Solutions Ltd. This will apply to Sole Traders, Ltd Companies, PLCs and Partnerships.
There is a non-refundable deposit of £25.00 to pay before the checks are carried out. If the checks come back clear, the amount will be credited to your first invoice.

Payment by Direct Debit is required as part of our terms & conditions.

Please be aware that under our MLR licence, we are unable to receive deliveries of parcels larger than a small jiffy bag or sign for mobile phones. All deliveries will be turned away.

Our address cannot be used until you have received full written confirmation from our side. Any attempt to use one of our address before the process is complete is considered as fraudulent use of a Business Address under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 and will be reported to the authorities as per our obligations under our MLR licence.