Even if you’ve worked in previous management roles it’s different when the company is yours rather than just the job. Once you’ve got your team in place you need to keep them on board and this means motivating them and ensuring they’re delivering the goods they promised at interview.

We have five top tips to keep in mind when trying to buoy up and motivate your team.


Chances are you’ve employed your staff team with a specific role in mind for each member. You’ll soon learn the benefit of flexibility. Your personal assistant may be fantastic at their role but what’s to say they won’t be a social media management whizz? If your staff express an interest in a different area of your business it can’t hurt to listen to them.

You should also think about flexibility in terms of working around people’s other commitments, if you employ parents or those who have scheduled holidays each year then you can’t expect the business to run the same at all times – it’s your choice how you manage the times your core team aren’t in but if you don’t provide flexibility, don’t expect productivity.

Leadership Skills

Although they may not say so employees want to be led. To be productive and efficient they need a strong leader directing them and that leader has to be you. They want to know where you want your business to go and make the strategic decisions necessary to grow the business organically. Good leaders will ensure all their staff members understand the core of the business and the places you want to take it. The team will be more enthusiastic and dedicated if they’re on board with your goals.


If any of your employees sense a degree of unfairness then you’re going to have a battle on your hands. You can’t expect consistent output from a team who don’t believe they’re all considered equal. There is nothing you can do about perceptions but if you make a dedicated effort to be fair then you’re doing all you can to avoid any rumours of unfair treatment or favouritism.


Fun isn’t for every day of the week but to keep staff motivated and morale high you need to inject a little every now and then. Some companies have dress down days and others have treat days where everyone gorges on sweet treats and goodies. Whatever works for you, make sure you add in a healthy amount of fun to the working week or your employees will find somewhere else more enjoyable to earn their keep.


Of course you want your staff to respect you but equally you have to respect them. As the business owner it’s up to you to make the first move and to be respectful so you can expect it in return. Feeling respected and valued in the workplace is more important than financial gain in many people’s minds so ensure you treat each and every employee with the respect you’d expect.

Once you’ve chosen your team you want them to stick around. You don’t want to be interviewing new people every week and you want to build a close team who can work together to help your company grow. Keep our tips in mind and there’s every chance your employees will want to stick with you for the long haul.

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