It sounds simple, you’ll see profits if you keep cash coming in and you keep costs low. When written in a single sentence it sounds extremely manageable but when you get down to it, it can be a lot more complex than that. Reviewing your costs regularly is key to maintain cash flow and seeing profits at the end of the year. Experts recommend reviewing your costs monthly to ensure that nothing is being missed and you’re not paying over the odds in any area. It’s very easy to allow a Direct Debit to keep running after a service has halted for example.

It’s an old saying that businesses need to spend money to make money but costs need to be kept down if you’re ever going to succeed. Below are some tried and tested ways of cutting costs and avoiding overspends.

Aim Zero

They say nothing comes for free but if you’re thrifty it’s possible. If your business offers a service consider skills swaps with other service providers. If your business sells a product then offer it up in exchange for the services or products of another company. The more business contacts you have the more opportunities you’ll have to make skills swaps and they cost nothing in cash terms.

Work Remotely

When you’re planning your business initially office space may be at the top of your priority list. Think again, do you really need it? Do you have a business you can run from home or on the go? Could you benefit from virtual office services and save on the expense of employees? These are all key considerations when thinking about costs.


If you can outsource then choose it over employees every time. You can find virtual assistants, professional telephone answering services and all kinds of service providers online that save the hassle of employing staff. Staff payroll often ends up being one of the biggest costs in any company so if you can hold off then make sure you do.

Daily Monitoring

Bookkeeping may not be your forte but it’s integral to your business’ future that you know exactly where every penny is coming from and going to. All spending needs to be questioned in advance and you need to continually ask yourself if any cost is strictly necessary. It sounds harsh but it’s the best way to generate profit.

Shop Around

Shopping around is the mantra of money saving in any aspect of life. It’s definitely the same in business. Checking your services against their competitors on an annual basis will show you whether you’re getting the best deals and then if not, you can take this up with your provider or make the switch. Business cash control is core to your business succeeding. You need to develop a strict cash control system to help improve the chances of your business prospering and turning a profit.

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