Telephone Answering Service

We understand the value and the importance of every phone call which is why we offer companies our professional telephone answering services.

Whether you are a sole trader or a larger company, the likelihood is that you rely on your phone for business.

More often than not, callers avoid leaving voicemails which can be frustrating to all parties. Your customers often expect to be able to reach you when they need you and prospective clients will just move on to the next supplier on their list if the phone isn’t answered. This can have a big financial impact on your profit margin.

New start-ups can hugely benefit from our answering service. We can provide you with a telephone number and your business will look established straight away since all your calls are answered by one of our highly trained Virtual Receptionists.

You can choose to divert all your calls to us. Your calls will be answered using your company name and we take messages which are then emailed or text* to you.

We can also transfer the important calls** if you wish us to do so. Some of our clients supply us with a list of clients who must be transferred at all times and others choose for us to email every message.

If you’re looking for an overflow service, we can support busy front desks during lunch breaks or if all your lines are busy with our call answering service.

Our phone answering service is very flexible and we will support you in the way which suits your business needs.

We don’t charge per incoming call, minutes or messages sent. Our standard Telephone Answering Service package is £59 a month and includes up to 200 incoming calls.

If your business receives a larger volume of calls, get in touch and we’ll be able to work out a bespoke monthly package fitting your telephone answering requirements.

Whether you are looking for a virtual receptionist, offer customer support or an overflow service, we will answer your calls professionally, in your company name and with the same personal touch you would give to your clients.

Out of hours, we can provide you with:

  • A dedicated mailbox with a professional recorded message. All your messages will be transcribed in the morning and emailed over to you.
  • An option service, where your clients have the choice whether to leave a message or in emergency cases be transferred to a UK number of your choice.

* 20p per text
** transfers are charged at 20p per minute