You may be starting up a small business as the sole owner, or as part of a small team, but that doesn’t mean that you are alone with your concerns, worries and financial constraints. There are small business start-up packages that can advise you on everything you need to know about setting up your company, finding the right premises, hiring employees and marketing your product or service.

There are paid services that can offer advice and support but also think about the network you have around you. Family and friends can be a great source of advice and a sounding board that can make a real difference to your business strategies and offer a fresh perspective when your ideas have become stale whirring around in your head for an age.

Financial Support

Filling out tax returns and ensuring that everything is above board and accounted for can be a real test of character and willpower if you haven’t got the experience or patience of dealing with numbers.

Ensure you hire an accountant for your start-up business, someone who can take care of the financial aspects of your business and advise you correctly on all of your monetary and tax issues. You need to stay ahead with your payments, remain legitimate and focus on the side of your business that you have expertise in. An accountant can help you deal with your end of year accounts, any VAT and PAYE issues you may have and although there is a cost associated with this, the benefits of hiring someone with expertise to sort this out for you is immeasurable when you think of the time and hassle it will save you if you have no experience of accountancy.

Business Mentors

Running the administrative side of your start-up business can be a nightmare for those who have no experience in dealing with that side of a company, or someone who has to spend quality and a large quantity of time working on the product and services. There are sometimes not enough hours in the day to get everything completed to a desired standard.

Packages are readily available and can offer start-up businesses the administrative foundations that allow them to concentrate on their core ideals and keep the business moving forward. You can find services such as:

–          Virtual Offices

–          Personal Assistant

–          Telephone Answering Services

–          Meeting Room Hire

Once you know that the administrative support is there you can also find some great marketing assistance from digital marketing companies, offering you social media management and offline advertising advice to ensure that you can build and make the most of an online presence without throwing thousands of pounds at advertising before experiencing real rewards.

Research your local business communities and attend networking events as and when you have the time. They can be invaluable, not only to make new contacts that could potentially be future customers, but also to build relationships with suppliers, keep up to date with local business, financial news and incentives and act as a larger sounding board of advice and tips from your peers.

Start-Up Business Support

There are a number of institutions that are available to help small businesses with all legal, financial and administrative matters. Support is available on a national level from the HMRC, Companies House as well as a number of training providers. At a local level there is funding and management support through various local authorities. Training schemes, grants and loans are available to certain parties and you should extensively research this aspect of your start-up business before entering into an agreement where your money is used up.

We have a number of articles relating to start-up business support, aiding you in everything you need to know about venturing into the world of owning your own business.

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