Social media is such a crucial part of any business plan in the modern world. This is even more of an essential aspect of your attack as a start-up business as it gives you instant access to make a difference immediately, without spending a huge chunk of your budget.

Connecting with people, whether potential customers, suppliers or your current customer base is easy and straightforward. But why should you be looking immediately to social media as soon as you start your business?


Social media is free to use. Granted, once you’re established on social media as a business you have the opportunity to promote content by paying for it – there has been a big push with Facebook in this regard recently – but at the outset there are no financial obstacles to you setting pages up and beginning to follow, interact and join relevant discussions to your target audience and industry.

Many Alternative Channels to Market Through

One of the positives of social media is that there are a number of attractive options for you to market your company. We all know about Facebook, but you can garner great popularity on social websites such as Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube and build business contacts on LinkedIn. You’ll find that each can be suited to a different audience, so you might want to post something visual on YouTube and Pinterest and quirky facts and funnies on Twitter.

Do it Yourself

Everyone has access to social media and your start-up business should be no different. If you have a number of channels you are active on it can be difficult to get to grip with keeping on top of it all at first but using a platform such as Hootsuite can help you stay on top of multiple social channels at one glance, and allow you to interact without having to log in and out of various websites.

Build Your Brand

Growing your business will take time and social media is much the same. It will take time to build up a sizeable following but what it does offer is a chance for you to tell your story. You have the power to build and ideal and brand online so that your future customers can see exactly what you are all about from your social channels. Customer service is a key tenet of any successful business, no matter what service or product you sell and by building a reliable and trustworthy brand through social media you can demonstrate it is central to your philosophy.

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