The economic downturn left many people out of work or unable to find suitable, sustainable employment. This wasn’t limited to young people and unfortunately many older people also lost their jobs. For some this has proved the making of them as it’s given them the chance to pursue a business idea they’d always dreamed of.

The challenges of becoming what’s been dubbed ‘an olderpreneur’ are many. Some are very different to those that younger businesspeople may face, but there’s no reason why anyone with a good idea and the passion to drive it can’t succeed.

Thriving as an Olderpreneur

To thrive as an olderpreneur takes many of the routes as any other business person, although you may have less working knowledge of the channels open for you. Here are some key tips and considerations for those 50+ entering the start-up business sector for the first time:

Web Matters
It would be foolish to suggest that older people don’t use the internet, of course they do, and the internet is the driving force for finding ways to develop your business. You can seek out information about your business rivals and begin to build a network of relevant connections. Utilise networks such as G+ and our Google+ Community “Startup in Britain” to get the most out of what’s ready and available to you.

Support Maps
Make a map of all the sources of support you have available. Former colleagues, family and friends could all play a key role in your business development. Of course you want it to be professional but everyone needs a helping hand along the way. You never know, you may be able to coerce a family member into being your personal assistant!

Embrace your New Identity
You may have had your previous job for some time but you need to cast aside that image and craft a new one. You are now a strong, individual business person. You are the face of your brand and you can shun any other identities people try to put upon you. You may be of pensionable age but you don’t have to describe yourself as a pensioner!

Be Seen
If you want people to know who you are and what your business does; you have to tell them. This can be virtually online but you should also get in amongst local networking events and show off your know-how. Attending local networking events can help promote your business but you may also find others who can be supportive contacts of your long-term business plan.

Invest in Mentoring
A business mentoring scheme could be exactly what you need in the beginning. Someone with the expertise to advise you on business issues you simply have no experience of can make all the difference. There are age-specific training courses and mentoring available through companies such as Prime but you can also access many regular schemes.

Embracing business in your 50s or beyond is more than possible. Setting up a business in an area you’re passionate about can truly take you to new heights and exceed all your expectations.

You can also join our Google+ Community “Startup in Britain” which is packed with help, resources and articles to get you started. Use it to get tips, advice and start building your network! 

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