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Starting a new business involves many different processes, ideas, considerations and constraints. One major part of start-up business operation is how you plan to market your business. Creating a logo provides a company with a central identity, something that is easily recognisable as a trustworthy brand for both new and existing customers alike. The choices you make at the beginning of a business can make a huge difference to the success or failure of a start-up business.

There are a few options open to you when considering how to create a logo. You can employ the services of a design agency, or marketing company, other start-ups choose to design their own logo or you can use a DIY logo maker online.

What is a DIY logo generator and how does it work for a start-up company?

A logo maker that you use to create a logo on your own, with no professional help, usually works in the form of an online interface, which is either free to use or at the least a low-cost programme. In terms of making it a really easy process for people of all skill levels and computer experience, a DIY logo maker interface usually works in very simple steps. This allows the user to be easily guided through the process, creating and adding a single element at a time. This includes the colours used, any text you wish to include on the logo, the graphic used, border size and shape, and tagline.

The choices of style you’ll have available as part of a DIY logo maker will be limited, with a small number of fonts available, colour, shape etc. Once a user has been guided through the process of creating each element to a logo they will then be provided with a chance to reposition all the elements, dragging and dropping into place in order to finalise the logo design.

The final design file is then saved for you to download to your computer and use as you wish. There is inflexibility in terms of the file type, which could be a problem should you wish to use your company logo in a variety of ways and within multiple platforms. If you wish to use your logo for web, print and other uses, you will be better off choosing a custom logo design service.

A DIY logo design generator is very easy to use, quick and in a lot of cases free, or at least cost-effective. If you are looking for a fast turnaround to get your logo started and to put into motion, and you have a tight deadline and budget, a DIY logo generator could be the perfect choice for you. If you wish to have more control over your choices, know that your logo will be completely unique and not similar to potentially countless other business logos, and have the ability to tweak at a later date, you might be more suited to working alongside a professional logo designer or design agency, or paying for a premium DIY logo generator online.

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