There do however need to be controls in place. When your workplace becomes your home it can be very difficult to differentiate between the two and to make sure your business develops and grows.

Working from home can save you a fortune and be the best decision you ever make. Chances are you’ll work longer hours and never be able to fully switch off but you have the benefit of being able to be flexible around family or any other commitments.

Working from home can be hard mentally. You don’t have the same dynamics as in the workplace with colleagues to bounce ideas off so you need to learn to adapt. Our tips are designed to make your work from home dream turn into a plausible reality and with a strong business concept, you should flourish.

Computer Off

The majority of people who work from home spend 90% of their time if not more in front of the computer screen. This is both during working hours and afterwards and it’s easy to see why. If you’re a virtual assistant or provide social media management it’s pretty clear you need to be at your computer for your client’s benefit. However once the working day is done then you must turn it off. Many of us use our computers for socialisation as well as work these days but it isn’t healthy to have it on all the time. Do anything BUT sit at your computer once work is finished and you’ll be working towards a better work/life balance.

Set Boundaries

As already mentioned people who work from home often find themselves working all the hours of the day. This isn’t healthy either and isn’t good for business. It can’t be sustained in the long term so from the day you setup your business you need to set boundaries. Have a dedicated office space that you work from, have specific office hours where you allow clients to contact you because if you don’t, many will think it’s fine to contact you whenever they feel like it – after all it’s not like you work in an actual office. This also works in reverse. Friends and family will be all too ready to jump on the fact you’re ‘available’ all day so set your stalls out firmly. Work time is work time and you’re not open for social calls.

Develop a Routine

Building a routine into your working day will make it much more enjoyable and your productivity will be enhanced. Set an alarm, get up, get dressed and do everything you’d normally do if you were going out to the office. Treat your business with the same respect you’d treat a profession. Just because your clients can’t see you in your pyjamas doesn’t make it OK! Make sure you get out and about and don’t spend all day cooped up in your office. Even if you pop out for a coffee or to pick up the newspapers it will make all the difference and you’ll feel more like you’re running a credible business. Maintain a professional atmosphere and you’ll feel more professional.

Working from home isn’t an easy option. You have all the same home and business commitments and they’re all right in front of you. It’s very easy to get distracted but following our tips there’s every chance your business will be a huge success.

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