At first you’ll be cold calling to a certain extent, no matter what set up your premises have or what type of product or service you are offering to the world. You’re brand new and there will have to be a leap of faith before a potential customer decides to become your customer. Whether you’re actually cold calling over the phone, advertising in newspapers, television, and radio or online, until you have a customer base you can’t build and grow to an established level.

Moving to the Next Level

Selling from a standing start is hard, learning how to not just sell the product or service, but to sell a fledgling brand. Engaging with customers is about finding what makes them tick and how you can help them, it’s not just about a hard sell. This can be difficult to do at first but once you have been around for a while and there is a proven track record behind you, it becomes much easier to sell to the next potential customer. They can immediately see that you’ve sold this product before, but how can you keep the number of customers growing?

Repeat and Upsell

Repeat custom is vital to any business. It is your lifeblood and takes the pressure away from having to find fresh customers every single day, week, and month. Repeat custom works to not only increase your core sales each month but also validates your approach, your service and product and allows you to use this as a way of selling to new customers.

Upselling to your existing clients is a great way to ensure you’re not just reliant on new custom to keep your business growing. Repeat customers are clearly happy with your product and service and are therefore prime candidates for you to sell new products or to direct them towards a different section that they’ve not used before. If you’ve already got a good, trusting relationship this isn’t going to hinder their normal order.

Review, Rate & Share

Another way to utilise your existing customer base is to either ask directly or incentivise them reviewing your product, rating on various websites and directories and also sharing their stories on social media. This ties in with how you market your business generally, but a positive social media presence would be one that interacts fully with customers, potential customers and also deals with any grievances in a timely and positive fashion. Your secure, trusted customer base could be the perfect way to keep your brand evolving and growing with new customers reading positive reviews of your work.

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