Job satisfaction is one of the key indicators when it comes to a productive workforce, and as a business owner one of the key ideals you can have to make this a reality for most, if not all, your members of staff is to make your workplace a social one.

Most people would agree that our social lives away from the workplace are crucial to our overall happiness in life, yet we spend the majority of our day with our colleagues and management. If you own a business, or you manage a small team, look to create a buoyant and social atmosphere within the workplace, as it will lead to greater productivity through greater bonds and friendship between colleagues.

We’re not just talking about after work drinks on a Friday, or a monthly meal with your immediate team, although both those things do help forge strong bonds over time, it’s more about the day-to-day attitude that filters down from ownership to managers and down to staff. How to interact with colleagues and management in terms of feeling safe to share concerns and work through problems and how to keep things positive on the whole to keep team morale high at all times.

Trust and Happiness with Management
If you’ve got a worry in the workplace and are feeling stressed, you are unlikely to stay focused on the tasks at hand and remain as productive as you should and would like to be. There is nothing worse than feeling you have nowhere to turn and this is where the social element with your immediate management, and those above, should come into play. If you have trust in your management to be there for you should any problems arise, and they have trust in you to come to them should you need to, a solid structure of communication will become evident. Stress levels should never increase to a stage where it is affecting your work and good management should create a framework for honest, blame free discussion about anything work related, allowing you to produce the goods.

Motivation through Teamwork
The same can be said about your immediate colleagues. If staff members of a company know exactly how they are encouraged to interact with colleagues there should never be a case of overstepping the mark, or wasting time in the workplace. A happy team will be a more productive team. Your staff should completely trust each other, to help out when problems arise and to encourage with positive comments when things are going well. No individual member of staff should ever be left to feel as if they are on their own and have to deal with problems without the help of their colleagues or management. This is a social aspect that has to come from the top down when a company is created, yet ultimately f a social atmosphere is created it will be in the benefit of everyone involved.

Increased Client Satisfaction
Lastly, if you have staff members that interact with customers, either face-to-face or via the telephone, or with suppliers, a social workplace with a positive atmosphere will shine through to them. The best thing for any business is for its reputation to spread via word of mouth. No matter how many millions you can spend on advertising, the best new customer is always one that has been referred to you by a loyal and happy existing customer. By keeping the workplace social and happy, it will come across to your customers in the way your staff interact with them. It is hard to fake being happy with a customer; they can spot it a mile off.

Creating a social workplace does have massive benefits, not only for the individuals who make up your staff, but also for the business as a whole. As long as the social aspect of your work-life doesn’t cross any boundaries or prevent work, it can really be a positive thing for everyone involved. It brings about a cohesiveness in the way a team works, leads to greater flexibility, understanding of each other and a willingness to talk frankly and openly about tasks and projects and overall it will boost productivity.

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