Starting a business can often be hard and leaves you full of questions. We have put together some helpful tips and information which will help you on the road to success.

Starting up?

Business Law

An understanding of business law is crucial to ensure that your company not only stays within the legal boundaries but also to ward off any potential threats.

Employing Staff

As the owner of a start-up business, employing staff is one of the most important factors you have to consider as you grow.


When starting up your own business you have to seriously consider the financial implications. Set-up costs can be expensive.

Free Downloads

A wealth of free resources for you to use to get the ball rolling: from a Business Plan template to a SWOT Analysis template.

Market Your Business

Marketing your business is a crucial part of your overall strategy and one that will have a huge bearing on your long term prospects.

Setting Up Your Business

Once you are satisfied that your product or service will stand up in the marketplace and that you are mentally, physically and financially prepared to move forward with your business start-up, what are the next steps to set up your business venture?

Start-Up Business Ideas

The freedom to have our own hours, be our own boss and have full control over the vision and implementation of ideas is an attractive prospect. Planning is everything, from thorough market research and testing out your product/service ideas to deciding which type of business is for you.


Every business has to ensure that they are paying the right amount of tax. It is a requirement by law that you make the right amount of payment for a variety of different taxes.

You Can Do It

Find some success stories, from people who were just like you in the not too distant past and have taken the plunge to change their careers and own their own start-up business. What advice do they have for you?