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Every business should have a website in this day and age, but it isn’t just enough to have an online leaflet of your services and some contact details alone. There is more to enticing the right audience and turning them from potential customers to returning customers. One way in which some businesses achieve an improvement in ROI is to apply live web chat agents as part of the website experience for users.

There are a number of benefits to hiring virtual assistants to act as the gateway to your business in the form on web chat agents.

Build Trust with the User – When a user enters your website they are doing so as they wish to evaluate the solutions you offer to their problem, whatever that problem is. As they take on board the information you have presented on your website there is a critical stage where a web chat agent can help to build trust by engaging with the user. Being able to offer an instant answer to a question helps to show a user that they would be catered for as a customer.

Educate and Involve the User – By being in place to answer any questions the user has, you are not only helping them to trust you as a vendor, but also to educate them on the service and/or products you are selling. This is crucial in order to help fill in the information gaps that might not be present or simple to find on the page.

Offer a Personal Touch – A live and present web chat agent also offers the user a personal shopper in many ways. Rather than a homogenous marketing resource that could be utilised by anyone, a web agent offers a personalised touch that makes the user feel important. This can be vital in building long-term relationships and turning users into not only customers, but also loyal customers that stick around, refer and return.

Improve Website and Service – Having the ability to chat with users live, also allows for feedback at the moment of use. A live web chat programme can have an inbuilt feedback form or survey button that allows for fast answers from a user once a conversation is over. You can even have more detailed chats with users to assess and tweak things such as the design of the website, its flow, motivators for customers and much more. Optimising your website based on web chat feedback can have a real impact on your success as a business.

Improve Customer Support Processes – Having a live web chat agent present on your website also provides an immediate chance for customers to dialogue with customer support agents. For many consumers, the laboured network of telephone customer support menus is infuriating. A chat box on a website that works is a way to significantly improve the view that your customers have of your company.

Keepoint has a range of virtual assistant services that can help new, small and ever-growing businesses to unlock potential and maximise long-term profits. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us and speak to a friendly member of our team. We offer flexible, affordable packages with bespoke options for your specific business needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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