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When first starting a business, the marketing side of things doesn’t seem as important as putting together the right ideas, the target audience and raising funds, but it is a crucial part of any business plan. Creating a brand identity is vitally important and logo design is central to this.

Your company logo has to be right, as it will become the single most visible aspect of your company ideal to an outside perspective. Current customers and potential ones will think of your logo when they think of you, and a good logo will have a positive impact on those viewing it.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

The quality of the logo is important, don’t short change yourself by going for the cheapest option of graphic design individual or company. You do not want your company to be portrayed by a logo that looks and feels low in price or looks like a template that other companies also use, just interchanging a few details to make it yours.

Keep it Flexible

One of the big mistakes start-up businesses often make is to make their logo a complex one, trying to signpost many different aspects of their company ideals in a convoluted way. In the first few years of a new business, ideas can change. You might tweak your outlook, service, product, target audience, or make wholesale changes. With this in mind, keep your logo simple, scalable and polished, in case you need to tweak it with business changes in mind.

Consistency throughout Your Materials

Another mistake new businesses often make when it comes to marketing materials is to have slightly different versions of their main logo for different purposes. So for instance, they might have a version of their logo on a sign above their physical building, a different one for letterheads and a slight variation again for email signatures. Keep things simple and straightforward so that no matter where your logo is placed, it is the only thing someone will be looking at and they can quickly identify it with your business and values.

Think of Future ROI

What you really need to think about when creating your company logo is ‘will this portray effectively and positively our company ideals, and will it bring about future growth in sales?’. Your logo over time will become the thing most closely associated with your business and has to be something that brings a smile to the face of potential customers and implores current customers to talk about you positively.

Logo design is a central aspect of your marketing materials when setting up a brand new company. It will entice new customers and keep current ones attached to you with positivity and clarity of your business ideals. Ensure you choose the right type of design when starting your business. One that fits your budget, but without having the look of a company that has taken a short cut financially. The most professional looking logo will be the one that makes the biggest impact on your customer base, one that is simple, flexible to tweak over the first few years of trading and speaks honestly about your company.

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