Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

How long have you been trading?
Do your prices include VAT?
What is your VAT Registration Number?
How big is your team?
Will you sign a Non Disclosure Agreement?
Do yo hold a Data Protection Licence?

Telephone Answering Service

Will you provide me with a telephone number?
Can I divert more than one line to you?
What information do you collect from the caller?
Can I divert my line if I don't answer it after a certain amount of time?
Can I choose my number?
Can I try the service free of charge before signing up?
Will the same person answer all of my calls?
Can you take payments from my clients over the phone?

Virtual Address

Will I need to come to your office in order to sign up?
Will my data be secured?
Why do you carry Money Laundry Regulation (MLR) checks ?
I'm about to set up my company and I'd like to use one of the address as my registered address. How will this work?
Can I come and collect my post?
Do I get a discount if I pay for the year in advance?
We're a registered charity, do we qualify for a discount?
Can I use more than one address?
Do you offer other locations than those listed on this site?

Virtual PA Services

Will I be allocated the same PA for all of my tasks?
What is the minimum charge?
Do I need to pay anything up front?
Can I get you to look after a specific email address?
Do I get a report on the time you spend working on my tasks?
Can I stipulate the maximum amount of time I want you to spend working on a task?
How do I send my instructions?
How do I send you my documents?
Will the minimum charge apply to all my tasks?
Can I get you to cold call on my behalf?
Have further questions? Feel free to contact us!