Live Chat. Online Communication Concept.

If your business has a website (if you don’t have one you should launch one to connect with customers) there are a few ways in which you can choose to have a dialogue with your customers. The live chat option is an excellent addition to any website. It provides the customer, or potential customer, with another choice of how to contact you.

It does bring with it a range of benefits, but there is also room for negative connotations, especially when you cannot see the face of the person you are talking to, or even hear the inflection in their voice or tone during a conversation. Here, we have put together some simple do’s and don’ts if you are manning a live chat function on a company website.

Remain Professional at All Times – Even though the live chat function may feel informal, you must still treat it in the same way as you would when speaking to a customer face-to-face. Take care to always use correct grammar and spelling, and never abbreviate words, for example ‘brb’ or ‘btw’. Before typing, always ensure that you are not stuck in CAPS LOCK, as you don’t want to shout at your customer, and keep things plain and simple. Attempting to make a joke over live chat could be misinterpreted.

Be Honest With Your Expectations – From the start of the conversation set the tone and be honest about what you can deliver to the customer, and what you cannot deliver. Don’t tell a customer that you can guarantee a response time or a delivery, if you are unsure without confirming with a superior. Absolute statements can backfire on you. The same can be said for promising discounts or upgrades that you do not have authorisation to offer.

Listen Well and Stay Friendly – Always listen well and respond with a personal touch to any information a customer has shared with you, instead of just running through the motions of a script. Make notes and keep an eye out for information so as to not ask questions that have already been answered and bring up past conversations to regular customers to quickly get a feel for their issue. Never use technical jargon that can scare off a customer, speak in clear tones that can be understood.

Communication is Key – Always attempt to answer a question as quickly as possible, but be sure to explain your process if you do have to leave the chat to speak to a manager about an issue. If there is a reference number you can supply, or notes to add to, always do so to ensure a smooth communicative dialogue with a customer over time, and keep them up to date with how you plan to resolve an issue.

Display Sympathy and Support – If a customer is reaching out to live chat support they may have an on-going issue or a problem with your product or service. Keep calm, and be sympathetic to their problems without sounding condescending. Never provide excuses and always offer to transfer to a manager if the problem requires it.

These few simple tips can make a world of difference to the live chat function on your website, and we can help you here at Keepoint.

Our live chat management service package is just £59 per month. For this price we will be online to respond to any chat requests on your website between the hours of 9am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. For companies with a larger volume of chat requests we are happy to discuss a bespoke monthly package that suits your requirements. We look forward to helping you unlock your business potential. You can email us or pick up the phone and dial 08000 11 66 35 and a friendly member of our team will be here to assist you.

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