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Not only do you have to consider the insurance and safety of your workforce and the business itself but also data protection and things like intellectual property.

Business law is not something you may have thought about when creating the ideas behind your business, and it might not be your strong point, but it is a crucial pillar of your future success as a start-up business owner. Learn the essentials from the outset so you’re not tripped up at any point further on down the road.

– Business Insurance
Buying a Business – Due Diligence and Completion of Sale
– Data Protection
– GDPR and How Explicit Consent will Change the Way Small Businesses Operate
Handling Domain Name Disputes
– How to handle bad publicity professionally
– Licences and Registration Issues for New Businesses
– Protecting Your Intellectual Property
– The Privacy & Electronic Communications Act
– Understanding professional indemnity insurance
– Workplace Safety
– What Small Businesses Need to Know about GDPR