Once you have put everything in place for your start-up business in terms of branding, product, staff roster and legal obligations your job is almost complete. But without the customers your product and your company cannot grow.

Marketing your business is a crucial part of your overall strategy and choosing where and how you market, whether a combination of offline and online marketing or just one, can have an effect on the amount of new customers you attract and your budget. It is a delicate balancing act and one that will have a huge bearing on your long term prospects.

– Building Your Brand: The Steps to Follow
– Generating New Customers

– How to Target the Right Audience for Your Business
– Key Marketing Metrics: Retention and Churn
– Listen, Talk and Share – Every Business Person has an Interesting Story to Tell
– Make the Most of Your Existing Client Base
– Making an International Step as a Business Owner
– No Man is an Island – Networking as a Freelancer
– Offline Marketing vs Online Marketing
– Paid Search Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation
– Social Media as a Start-Up Business
– Successful blogging for business
– The Importance of Logo Design to a Start-Up
– Word of Mouth – How Social Media Changed the Game