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Spring Cleaning Your Working Life

Spring is well and truly here, even though we’ve already had a heat wave and a cold blast is already on the way. Many households use this time as inspiration to spring clean their homes and put their lives in order for the coming months and as a business owner

The Next Phase of Co-Working – Inspiring Locations

We believe the co-working boom is yet to reach its full potential and the possibilities of co-working are limitless. As the idea of co-working spaces in the UK continues to grow and see large numbers of self-employed people and part-time telecommuters take up part-time residence in different locations from day-to-day,

Customer Service – Learn to be Nice and Build Trust in the Process

Whatever line of business you are in and whatever your company provides in service or product, one safe way to encourage repeat business and a healthy word of mouth reputation is to offer excellent and consistent customer service. Customer service should never be underestimated and here are a few reasons

Collaborate and Grow as a Start-up Business Owner

No one has ever been successful solely on his or her own. Not one person. Sure, there are plenty of people who have been rightfully labelled as geniuses, who come up with great ideas, great concepts and see them through to success. But, each and every one of them has

Britain’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive and Well in 2015

A recent survey by the Business is GREAT campaign has discovered that over half of aspiring business owners under the age of 24 think about starting their own business on a daily basis. The survey, which interviewed 1000 people of all ages with an interest in starting their own business

The Christmas Conundrum as a Freelancer

After work drinks, Christmas parties, Secret Santa. All things you take for granted when you’re working in an office or 9-5 job. When you work for yourself or own a small, start-up business Christmas takes on a completely different meaning than when you were just another employee. As an employee

Coworking can Boost Your Creativity as well as Productivity

Working as an individual, whether at home, in the library or a coffee shop, has many advantages. Mainly these are tied to the flexibility of your working life, but there are plenty of negative aspects too, loneliness and a lack of inspiration that can cut away at your creative edge